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NSB introduced QR Payment System to Customers
<h1>NSB introduced QR Payment System Sri Lanka </h1>National Saving bank is the main government saving bank in Sri Lanka is introduced QR based payment system. Using this QR base payment systems we can do any kind of bill payment. QR base payment system is the new way of paying bills.

Globally recognized Quick Response (QR) Code banking is the next step in the evolutionary journey of banking and finance institutions in this technologically advanced world heralding the age of a cashless society.

By way of the digitalization roadmap of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka(CBSL), the “Rata Purama LANKA QR” island wide campaign launched in collaboration with the member institutions, QR based payments are fast becoming the norm in trade settlements.

QR Code banking heralds the future of a cashless and digitized Sri Lankan economy in the global stage and NSB the safest place for your money is at the very forefront spearheading it.

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NSB introduced QR Payment System to Customers - by Admin - 10-29-2020, 12:49 AM

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